It takes us 30 minutes to produce a Leadership tool that lasts a lifetime.

30 Minute Intake Session

This session is designed to help us understand how a Leader’s core motivators, natural styles and perspectives create the unique ‘strengths mix’ that supports their natural Leadership style.

A 30 minute Intake session

We believe that a Self-Assessment process is fatally flawed for two reasons:

  • We cannot be objective about our own perspective
  • We all have ‘Blindspots’

The Intake Process

Our Intake session is conducted by phone so that we can understand what you communicate as well as how you communicate and the context in which you communicate.

There is absolutely no preparation required. There are no right or wrong answers. No personal questions. Just be yourself!

It will be 100% accurate.

60 Minute Feeback

This interactive session addresses the depth and scope of a Leader’s unique ‘strengths mix’. It is designed to create a significant level of awareness with regard to a Leaders strengths being used to support growth as well as inadvertently support atrophy.

A 60 minute interactive Feedback session in which we will identify your:
  • Strongest Core Motivators
  • Primary Communication style
  • Natural Learning style
  • Team style (How you work with others)
  • Focus (How you naturally see and manage Time)
  • Performance (How you get things done)
  • Rhythm (Balancing Pace/Details)
  • Relational Burnout (People/Energy)
  • Productivity Burnout (How you can maintain Effectiveness)

We will address how these ‘gifts’ combine to create the unique Leader that you are. It will be 100% accurate.

This session is recorded so that you may benefit from listening to it ANYTIME in the future.

Owning Your Next Steps


A customized approach that is designed to help a Leader ‘own’ the journey of growth that is necessary to address the specific needs identified by both the Leader (and their Boss when appropriate). It will suggest very specific next steps in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Your One-On-One Coaching Sessions:

  1. Establish your coaching goals
  2. Leverage you natural Leadership style
  3. Practical Applications to manage your Leadership style
  4. Help you build your brand
    • With Leadership Above
    • With Peers and Business Partners
    • With Direct Reports
  5. Establish a balance between execution and Strategy
  6. Providing a Focused Approach to achieve your next level career goals

These sessions can be recorded so that you may benefit from listening to it anytime in the future.

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